[NTG-context] uppercase, small caps, numerals and German capital sharp s

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 16:25:07 CEST 2016

> Thomas Fehige <mailto:thomas at fehige.de>
> 20. April 2016 um 16:03
> Wolfgang,
>> Use separate threads for each problem. The uppercase sharp s 
>> replacement with \WORD can be changed in the next beta.
>> %% begin example
> are you saying, use this example as long as the new beta isn't out 
> yet, or are you saying, this example will work as soon as I'll use the 
> new beta? It doesn't seem to do anything right now, not even an error 
> message.
It’s a new feature which will work with the next beta.

With \enabledirectives[fonts.uppercasesharps] you tell context to 
convert ß to ẞ (instead of SS) when you use \WORD to capitalize a string.
> I was looking for a general way how to substitute one glyph with 
> another depending on context, thus I can't see how there are different 
> problems in my post? But it's good to hear that others have thought at 
> least of a partial solution.
> Is my guess right that normally the author of a font ought to provide 
> otf features that can be switched on and off to get one result instead 
> of the other? That area seems to be utter chaos in the Calluna fonts.
The output of \sc to produce small capitals depends on the font and it’s 
the font designers job to provide a small ẞ (he could use stilistic sets 
to let you choose between ß and ẞ).

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