[NTG-context] Problem with Cambria (in Windows)

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 14:43:25 CEST 2016

> Mari Voipio <mailto:mari.voipio at iki.fi>
> 19. April 2016 um 08:09
> Hi Wolfgang,
> here's what I get:
> c:\context>mtxrun -script font --list --all cambria*
> cambria cambriabolditalic c:/windows/fonts/cambriaz.ttf
> cambriabold cambriabold c:/windows/fonts/cambriab.ttf
> cambriabolditalic cambriabolditalic c:/windows/fonts/cambriaz.ttf
> cambriaitalic cambriaitalic c:/windows/fonts/cambriai.ttf
> cambriamath cambriamath c:/windows/fonts/cambria.ttc index:
> 2
> cambriamathnormal cambriamath c:/windows/fonts/cambria.ttc index:
> 2
> cambriamathregular cambriamath c:/windows/fonts/cambria.ttc index:
> 2
> cambrianormal cambriaitalic c:/windows/fonts/cambriai.ttf
> Doesn't look good, does it. Windows Fonts shows Cambria Regular (and I
> can use it in e.g. Word) and then bold, italic and bold italic, but it
> seems like the regular is gone from the list above. I may have a
> problem...
1. You can try to reload the font database with "mtxrun --script fonts 
--reload --force"
    and try it again.

2. You can write your own typescripts for cambria (the existing ones 
rely on normalized
    names to support various versions of cambria which use different 
file names).

3. You can use the \definefontfamily command to load the fonts.

%% begin example
\definefontfamily [manuals] [rm] [Cambria]
\definefontfamily [manuals] [ss] [Calibri] [scale=0.95]
\definefontfamily [manuals] [tt] [Courier] [scale=0.90]
\definefontfamily [manuals] [mm] [Cambria Math]



\input tufte

%% end example


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