[NTG-context] uppercase, small caps, numerals and German capital sharp s

Thomas Fehige thomas at fehige.de
Tue Apr 19 09:10:13 CEST 2016


I'm new to ConTeXt and this list. After a long time of using LaTeX and 
xeLaTeX I was finally lured into trying ConTexT by its ability of grid 

Today's problem is a bit complex. In a book project I have several 
points where stuff is capitalized or turned into caps+smallcaps or pure 
smallcaps. My guess is that that should work either with \WORD{Stuff}, 
\Cap{Stuff} and \cap{Stuff} or with \uppercase, \sc, and 
{\sc\lowercase{Stuff}}. (Not quite, it seems)

I'll use a commercial font called Calluna, but have added Linux Biolinum 
O to the example for those who don't want to download Calluna (the 
"Regular" can be "bought" for free, e.g. at 

Both Calluna and Biolinum contain the glyph "LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP 
S" at "1E9E. Calluna also has a small caps version at "F727", while 
Biolinum has it at "E092. I'd like to use these glyphs in the 
capitalizations mentioned, but that only works erratically (cf. example).

Secondly, Calluna comes with oldstyle numerals switched on, which is 
nice for normal text, but should change to proportional lining numbers 
in uppercase and to small-cap proportional lining numbers in an 
all-small-cap text. I'm not sure what I'd want in a caps+smallcaps 
context, but certainly not oldstyle numerals with their descenders.

Any hints and ideas? Thanks for reading! -- Thomas

PS: I asked the same question on stackexchange, there's also an image of 
the result of my example: 


\uccode`ß="1E9E    % This gives the capital ß to \uppercase

\definefontfeature[fcalluna][default][]	% I tried all the font features 
built into Calluna, to no avail.

\definefontfamily [myfamily] [serif][Calluna][features=fcalluna]
\definefontfamily [myfamily] [sans] [Linux Biolinum O][features=fcalluna]
\definefontfamily [myfamily] [mono] [TeX Gyre Cursor]

\setupbodyfont [myfamily]
     	 \NC \it Command \NC \it Calluna \NC \it Linux Biolinum \NC\NR
         \NC\type{\WORD{Gruß134}}: 		\NC\WORD{Gruß134} 			\NC 
{\ss\WORD{Gruß134}} 		\NC\NR
         \NC\type{\uppercase{Gruß134}}:	\NC\uppercase{Gruß134} 
\NC{\ss\uppercase{Gruß134}} 	\NC\NR
         \NC\type{\sc{Gruß134}}: 			\NC{\sc Gruß134} 			\NC{\ss{\sc 
Gruß134}}			\NC\NR
         \NC\type{\Cap{Gruß134}:} 		\NC\Cap{Gruß134} 			\NC{\ss 
\Cap{Gruß134}}		\NC\NR
         \NC\type{\cap{Gruß134}:} 		\NC\cap{Gruß134} 			\NC{\ss 
\cap{Gruß134}}		\NC\NR
\NC{\sc\lowercase{Gruß134}} 			\NC{\ss\sc\lowercase{Gruß134}}	\NC\NR

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