[NTG-context] Assigning a variable to the list argument in \setupsection

Michael Guravage guravage at literatesolutions.com
Thu Apr 14 11:12:00 CEST 2016


I would like to use a variable for the value of the list argument in, e.g.,
the \startsection command. If you compile my little example you will see
that the first 'literal' assignment works, while the second 'variable'
assignment does not. What am I missing here?





  \setvariables[TOC][list=Second Section]

  \startsection [title={First}, list={First Section}]
    This is the first section.

  \startsection [title={Second}, list={\getvariable{TOC}{list}}]
    This is the \getvariable{TOC}{list}

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