[NTG-context] \startuseMPgraphic

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Tue Apr 12 01:00:33 CEST 2016

On Mon, 11 Apr 2016, Alan BRASLAU wrote:

> By the way, we added colo-imp-crayola having some funky, hallucinogenic
> names (according to Hans) as well as colo-imp-ral.
> (The first might be of interest to Americans and the second to
> Europeans ;-)

These are nice colors. For anyone interested, you can view these using:


I'll update the wiki page on colors.

[BTW, all the links generated using {src:...} on the wiki are wrong. 
First, they point to a really old copy (2014.02.14). I can change the link 
to the bitbucket mirror (by changing the src template), but because of the 
recent reorganization of the source code, all the links will be wrong. So 
all the links to source files will need to be updated manually (or using a 


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