[NTG-context] TeX "matrix" command not working lately

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun Apr 10 11:39:38 CEST 2016

On 04/10/2016 02:33 AM, L.S.-Soc&Gam wrote:
> Hi guys,
> i've already searched the mailing list for this but i still am having a
> problem while trying to create a matrix.
> my code looks like this:
> \startformula
> S=\left(*\matrix**{*
>   \sigma_x *&* \tau_{xy} *&* \tau_{xz} *\cr*
>   \tau_{yx} *&* \sigma_y *&* \tau_{yz} *\cr*
>     \tau_{zx} *&* \tau_{zy} *&* \sigma_z *\cr*
> *}*\right)_{xyz}
> \stopformula
> But since a few days, there are only empty braces after compilation. The
> funny thing is, i worked already. but i've updated context at least once
> since (only 5 days ago, betas included) and since then after compiling
> there are only empty braces. When i enter

Hi Sebastian,

matrices seem to work fine here (using beta tagged as 2016.04.01 13:01
[see my previous message to the list]).

If you allow me some suggestions, I think it may be worth considering
the following when dealing with betas:

1. Always give the beta version, otherwise it may be impossible in some
cases to know whether something behaves as expected or not.

2. Always backup your previous beta before upgrading it. New betas can
contain bugs or unexpected features and you may want to stick to your
old beta while things are fixed.

Just in case it helps,


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