[NTG-context] Microtypography in ConTeXt

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Wed Apr 6 06:48:32 CEST 2016

Am 2016-04-06 um 03:51 schrieb Jan Tosovsky <j.tosovsky at email.cz>:

> <cite>
> Note that character protrusion requires pdfTeX (version 0.14f or later), LuaTeX, or
> XeTeX (at least version 0.9997). Font expansion works with pdfTeX (version 1.20 for
> automatic expansion) or LuaTeX. The package will by default enable protrusion and
> expansion if they can safely be assumed to work. Disabling ligatures requires pdfTeX
> (≥ 1.30) or LuaTeX, 
> ************************************************
> while the adjustment of interword spacing 
> and of kerning only works with pdfTeX (≥ 1.40). 
> *************************************************
> Letterspacing is available with pdfTeX (≥ 1.40) or LuaTeX (≥ 0.62).
> </cite>

Looks like it’s not about interword spacing and kerning in itself, but their *adjustment*.

I didn’t look into that docs, but I’d assume, tracking refers to some logging or visualization of spacing.
AFAIR ConTeXt can do that very nicely (while I never used it and don’t know how to enable it).

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