[NTG-context] Nested floatcombinations

Aidan Nichol aidan at nicholware.co.uk
Wed Mar 30 12:13:08 CEST 2016

Based on answers to previous questions the easiest way to arrange figures on a page in a simple tabular arrangement is to use \startfloatcombination etc. and indeed works well

I wanted to get a single tall figure on the left and two on the right above one another. I tried nesting i.e.




\startplacefloatA[title={Using figures in nested float combinations}]
    \startplacefigure[title={left two rows}]
        \startplacefigure[title={right top}]
        \startplacefigure[title={right bot}]


This just gave the three figures in a sort of single column down the page. 

Are nested floatcombinations not allowed or have I done it wrong?

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