[NTG-context] ConTeXt installation and configuration on Win 10 x64

L.S.-Soc&Gam axteffekt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 02:53:09 CET 2016

hey Pablo, thanks a lot for pointing some things out. i finally managed 
to get mkiv working!!!

Am 09.03.2016 um 23:49 schrieb Pablo Rodriguez:
> On 03/09/2016 10:57 PM, L.S.-Soc&Gam wrote:
>> in TeXnicCenter i added a new profile.
>> on (La)TeX register i have activated: Run LaTeX in this profile.
>> in the path to compiler field i entered:
>> F:\Sandbox\ConTeXt\tex\setuptex.bat &
>> F:\Sandbox\ConTeXt\tex\texmf-win64\bin\texmfstart.exe
>> question: do i need both entries?
> I don’t think so. The second entry isn’t required at all.

almost! the first one wasn't required. *setuptex.bat* only initializes 
the context folder sub-tree to the system. this is not necessary if 
*...**\ConTeXt\tex\texmf-win64\bin\* has been added to the system path. 
in case of TeXnicCenter it might be not necessary at all, unless 
*context.exe* doesn't call any other executable or batch files. but even 
then it would look in its own folder first. i will check that out in the 

>> in the command line field i entered:
>> texexec.rb --batch --nonstop --pdf --color "%bm" --synctex=-1
>> BibTeX is deactivated, MakeIndex isn't used either.
> MakeIndex isn’t required in ConTeXt. (Indices aren’t generated using
> MakeIndex in ConTeXt, afaIk.)
> BibTeX may work, but there is a much better bibliographic module being
> developed.

it's not that i would need any of these so i didn't bother about those 
options being deactivated in the first place anyway. but thanks for 
pointing out what those are there for.

>> well and it works. but not without ruby: why do i need ruby? i would use
>> mkiv only if i could. i also worked with Hex color codes but then
>> everything is black untill i add \setupcolor[hex] to the document. i
>> read that this line is only needed in mkiv, so again i am wondering why
>> i am obviously using mkii instead of mkiv...
> The command line for MkIV should read "context source-file.tex". BTW,
> ruby isn’t required for MkIV.

here's the point why it works now: TeXnicCenter has a location field and 
a console command field.

this is what i entered in the compiler LOCATION field before:
F:\Sandbox\ConTeXt\tex\setuptex.bat & 

like you pointed out before: *setuptex.bat* is not needed and the second 
path with texmfstart.exe is for i don't know what!?! but it always used 
mkii as compiler...
anyway this is from a tutorial from the contextgarden wiki: 
that's why i got frustrated. the article was last updated 2012 and 
honestly i was quiet sure that's it's up to date.

so i simply changed the compiler location to 
and as you also pointed out i had to tell context which file. and 
therefor is the console command field. in my quotation above there is 
the following command:


i didn't realize that %bm is TeXnicCenter specific to handle over the 
name of the current project to the command line. it's that easy; one 
just has to know...^^

so my location is now F:\Sandbox\ConTeXt\tex\texmf-win64\bin\context.exe
and command is                        %bm

and it finally works!!! so again Pablo thanks for taking me to this.

>> the last question for now is: how can i stop pdfTeX.exe from warning me
>> that no GlyphToUnicode entry has been inserted yet. i read somewhere
>> that this can be ignored but nobody explains what this is and how it
>> works. i just don't want to read this every time but fix it.
>> and what is meant with bad boxes? i read "Underfull \hbox (badness
>> 10000) in paragraph..." but don't know how to fix this.
> Warnings fron pdftex will dissapear when you switch to MkIV :-).
> "Underfull \hbox" may be caused by wrong hyphenation?
> Would it be possible that you were compiling a German (or non-English text)?
> In such case, please add "\mainlanguage[de]" in the first line of your
> source document.
yes, i had \language in my document before but i also added 
\mainlanguage too now. didn't know about this one, so thanks yet again.

and you were right, i now don't have any errors or warnings anymore. but 
unfortunately now console also doesn't show the quantity of pages 
compiled anymore. i tried before with *context.exe* compiler location 
(the long described case above) but it always showed 0 pages so i 
thought nothing got compiled.^^ i didn't bother anymore and changed back 
to *texmfstart.exe*. maybe i should have checked the pdfs first. :D

so yeah, i finally got ConTeXt mkiv up and running and can't wait to 
continue learning this beast. thanks a bunch Pablo. you helped me a lot.

Greetings, Sebastian
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