[NTG-context] ConTeXt installation and configuration on Win 10 x64

L.S.-Soc&Gam axteffekt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 22:57:03 CET 2016

i downloaded ConTeXt from contextgarden and so far i saw three options 
to download

first i found folders setup and setup2? which one should i use? in one 
of them there are win32 and win64 zips. and in the other are win32, 
win64 plus a mswin zip. which one is the correct one? since i am on 
Win10x64 i downloaded context-setup-win64.zip.

i unzipped the file, started command as admin and went to Con dir. there 
i entered: first-setup.bat --modules=all
everything went fine and i added the win64 folder which Con installer 
showed me at the end to my system paths.
as far as i know, an update is done the same way. please correct me if i 
am wrong.

in TeXnicCenter i added a new profile.
on (La)TeX register i have activated: Run LaTeX in this profile.

in the path to compiler field i entered:
F:\Sandbox\ConTeXt\tex\setuptex.bat & 

question: do i need both entries?

in the command line field i entered:
texexec.rb --batch --nonstop --pdf --color "%bm" --synctex=-1

BibTeX is deactivated, MakeIndex isn't used either.

well and it works. but not without ruby: why do i need ruby? i would use 
mkiv only if i could. i also worked with Hex color codes but then 
everything is black untill i add \setupcolor[hex] to the document. i 
read that this line is only needed in mkiv, so again i am wondering why 
i am obviously using mkii instead of mkiv...

the last question for now is: how can i stop pdfTeX.exe from warning me 
that no GlyphToUnicode entry has been inserted yet. i read somewhere 
that this can be ignored but nobody explains what this is and how it 
works. i just don't want to read this every time but fix it.
and what is meant with bad boxes? i read "Underfull \hbox (badness 
10000) in paragraph..." but don't know how to fix this.

i would also have questions related to SciTE, because i can't make UTF-8 
work following the desctiption on contextgarden, but for now i would be 
happy if i could take the most out of context within TeXnicCenter.

Thanks in advance,

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