[NTG-context] Expansion in PDF metadata

Marco Patzer lists at homerow.info
Fri Mar 4 07:58:08 CET 2016


How to expand \translate so that it doesn't show up in the PDF
metadata? Example:

\setupdocument [metadata:title=\documentvariable{title}]
\mainlanguage  [sv]

\startdocument [title={\translate[en=Foo, sv=Bar]}]
  \input knuth

This literally shows:

  Title: \translate [en=Foo, sv=Bar]

The following workaround does the job, but it's not that elegant:

\setupdocument [metadata:title=\documentvariable{title}]
\enablemode [sv]

  [en] {\mainlanguage[en]\startdocument[title=Foo]}
  [sv] {\mainlanguage[sv]\startdocument[title=Bar]}

  \input knuth

Is there a better mechanism to support multiple languages in the
PDF metadata or just have \translate expanded?


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