[NTG-context] issue with font loading

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Wed Mar 2 17:17:52 CET 2016

On 03/02/2016 04:56 PM, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:
> On 03/02/2016 03:59 PM, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
>> The \definefontfamily can only use font which are indexed by context
>> (mtxrun --script font --reload) which doesn’t seem to be the case here.


I’m afraid that even with that, I’m afraid it doesn’t work well:

    \definefallbackfamily[mainface][rm][Latin Modern Math]
        [tf=file:newg8-regular, scale=0.88, range=0x22C0]
    \definefallbackfamily[mainface][rm][Latin Greek Math]
    [tf=file:newg8-regular, range=preset:greek]
    \definefontfamily[mainface][rm][Latin Modern Roman]


    α ⋀ {\tt α} a{\ss a}b{\ss b}c{\ss c}g{\ss g}

If another "key=value" pair is specified, "tf=file:newg8-regular"
doesn’t seem to work.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks for your help,


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