[NTG-context] Tables vs tables (deprecation paranoia again)

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Mar 2 17:03:57 CET 2016

On 3/2/2016 4:52 PM, Nicola wrote:
> I read in the wiki that my beloved \starttable...\stoptable is
> deprecated. Tabulate seems their next of kin, but... does it
> support cells spanning more than one row?

\starttable will always stay around (after all, it had been partially 
mkiv'd); it's just that some of the other mechanisms have more features 
and can/will be extended if needed

(not that much got deprecated; of course we got rid of encodings and 
some more no-longer-relevant mechanisms in mkiv but functionality stays)


(1) ok, this year old school bibtex support is depricated (still around 
as module) so we do change some defaults

(2) and the current beta has new columnset code which also depricates 
some old obscure features in favor of new ones

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