[NTG-context] right to left direction for itemize columns

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Tue Feb 23 00:48:59 CET 2016

Dear Hans,

>> Is there any simpler way to achieve this?
> how is that supposed to work with multi-line items ?

I am sorry, I should explain more carefully.

This type of itemization usually needed to list the short answers of the multiple-choice questions.
Some problems are not well-composed, but you can see an example at the end of the following page. 

http://dugod1.tistory.com/archive/20120826 <http://dugod1.tistory.com/archive/20120826> 
http://blog.daum.net/_blog/BlogTypeView.do?blogid=0dl2J&articleno=153 <http://blog.daum.net/_blog/BlogTypeView.do?blogid=0dl2J&articleno=153>

Thank you.
Best regards,


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