[NTG-context] right to left direction for itemize columns

Bou Salim salimcollo7 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 13:26:41 CET 2016

I have posted  a question in tex stack exchangeCustomize right to left list
in context
My aim is to obtain right to left  items arranged  in  multi-column, if I
\startitemize [s,columns,three] [margin=1em]
the result is three column where first column start from left side of page,
but I want it to start from right side of page.

I can use \startcolumns[direction=left]\startitemize \item First \item
Second \item Third \stopitemize \stopcolumns
but I think it look better if there is a key direction=left for the
\startitemize environment such as used in columns environment.
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