[NTG-context] Setting expansion depth limit for metapost

Michal Suszko michal at dry.pl
Thu Feb 18 23:02:37 CET 2016

I'm preparing quite long presentation -- nearly 3000 sides,
900 figures (500 distinct PNG files). 
I'm using ConTeXt MkIV installed using minimals (2010.03.12 19:49).
Recently I'm hitting MetaPost capacity limit on expansion depth:

!mplib          : mp terminal: ! MetaPost capacity exceeded, sorry [expansion depth=10000].

Increasing expand_depth in texmf.cnf and regenerating formats with
context --make doesn't help. expansion depth is still at 10000 in error 

texmf.cnf in texmf-local I've changed is reported by context as first one in 
log line starting with "mkiv lua stats : used config path"

What am I missing?


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