[NTG-context] Titles numbering

Michał Goliński golinski at amu.edu.pl
Wed Feb 17 14:32:47 CET 2016

The following file used to give me numbered titles (and still gives 
numbered titles in TeXLive):

%  number=yes

%  number=yes

   \startpart[title={Part one}]
     \startchapter[title={Fancy chapter name}]
       \startsection[title={A very very very long section title}, 
list={Shortened somewhat}]
         \input knuth


In the current beta, they are unnumbered. Has the syntax changed?

Besides, according to wiki, "number=yes" should force a numbered title, 
while uncommenting these lines in fact suppresses the number in TeXLive 
(and does not help in beta).

Is this a bug/work in progress or am I doing something wrong here?


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