[NTG-context] Absolute position in table cell

Volker Mische volker.mische at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 22:29:35 CET 2016

On 02/16/2016 05:40 PM, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
>> Volker Mische <mailto:volker.mische at gmail.com>
>> 16. Februar 2016 um 17:21
>> Thanks a lot that works.
>> I've a follow up question. I'd like to wrap the `\setgvariable` in a a
>> paragraph like thing. I found out about annotations, which look like
>> what I've after.
>> Though sadly I get an error message (! Undefined control sequence) when
>> I use annotations. It works when I hard-code a value within the
>> annotation, but it doesn't if I use the contents of the annotation. I've
>> also tried it the `\placeannotationcontent` way, but there I get the
>> same error. Here's the full example:
>> \starttext
>> \definelayer [pagenumber][width=\overlaywidth,height=\overlayheight]
>> \defineoverlay[pagenumber][{\directsetup{pagenumber}\tightlayer[pagenumber]}]
>> \startsetups pagenumber
>> \setlayerframed
>> [pagenumber]
>> [preset=rightbottom]
>> {\getvariable{table}{p}}
>> \stopsetups
>> \define[2]\PageWrapper{\setgvariable{table}{p}{#2}}
>> \usemodule[annotation]
>> \defineannotation
>> [pn]
>> [alternative=command, command=\PageWrapper]
> Use this defintion for your \startpn … \stoppn command:
> \define\startpn
>   {\grabuntil{stoppn}{\setgvariable{table}{p}}}

Thanks for you help. Sadly I can't get it working, even if I hard-code
the value of \setgvariable as e.g. \setgvariable{table}{p}{q}.

I start to wonder if my whole approach is flawed and if there's a better
way to display something absolutely positioned in (the corner of) a
table cell that gets defined in the normal flow (just like another
paragraph within the cell).

Any pointers are welcome, I'm happy to dig deeper myself.


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