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Rik Kabel context at rik.users.panix.com
Tue Feb 16 03:52:46 CET 2016

On 2016-02-15 04:56, Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hi,
> There are quite some probably unknown features in context, here are two:
> \enabletrackers[visualizers.justification] % overfull/underfull
> \enabletrackers[typesetters.suspects] % suspicious spacing
> \setuplayout[width=3mm] \showframe
> \starttext
>     \hsize 3mm
>     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>     xxxx
>     x
>     $x$x
>     x:$x$
> \stoptext
Interesting stuff. Can you point to or provide documentation on the 
meaning of the hbar colors? (I did try to follow the code, but could not 
make sense of it.)

With visualizers.justification, I see:

  * green
      o after loose text?
  * blue
      o in margin after tight text?
  * yellow
      o around centering text
  * cyan
      o before flush-right text?
  * magenta
      o after flush-left text?

It is not clear what these all mean (except the yellow). What is the 
difference between magenta and green (I see both in tables and some 
column-set paragraphs)? What is the difference between green and blue? 
Does green show how close to needing intraword space compression while 
blue indicates the degree of compression that was done?

With typesetters.suspects, I see

  * orange with
      o required space (*~*)
      o occasionally between words where no markup appeared (could this
        flag a small word space?)
  * maroon with
      o *’* preceded by whitespace as with the contraction /’tis/
      o *»* preceded by whitespace as an opening quotation mark for German
  * blue with
      o most punctuation, but not *]* or *)*, when at paragraph end or
        not followed by whitespace
      o some punctuation (*@ # & % *** / …***·* *and others) at any
      o *.* preceding a character other than *]*
      o *.* preceding *\,*
      o some asterisms ⁂ (the second and third when three spaced are
        used as a break)
  * green with
      o ς directly preceding another letter (perhaps other terminal
        characters, my sample only has this)
      o digit preceding *,* in index
      o italic letter preceding or following an upright character
      o small-cap letter preceding or following a non-whitespace character

There are some obvious patterns here (font style transitions, for 
example) but the logic some seems less clear. Can we get a guide?
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