[NTG-context] Job done event

Lukáš Procházka LPr at pontex.cz
Sun Feb 14 08:46:56 CET 2016


during typesetting a document I'm collecting some information.

At the end (i.e. right before \stoptext or right after \stoptext), I'd need to perform an operation.

The way is to place some code before my code:



But I'm looking for a way that the code inside document prepares the final operation and a way to avoid writing "\DoSomethingMine" before \stoptext (or \stopcomponent) - something being processed by ConTeXt naturally.

Something like:

     context.reactors.jobfinished = function(prev_op)
       -- Do something mine
\stoptext % ConTeXt to call "context.reactors.jobfinished" or similar implicitly

Does ConTeXt offer something like described? (Would be nice...)

Best regards,


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