[NTG-context] extended printing options in ConTeXt

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Mon Feb 1 08:22:24 CET 2016


would it be possible to implement two extended printing options defined
in the PDF specification?

You have kindly implemented duplex printing and page scaling options.
At my workplace, we are it on a daily basis for mail merging (I had to
make an “extension” to distinguish between duplex printing and page
scaling [it isn’t an option for me]).

In the present implementation, page, portrait and landscape values sets
page scaling to none. In most of the documents we generate, we have to
fit page contents to printer margins. It is a must for us, since
corporate templates are the way they are (wrong designed).

Would it be possible to have the PDF printing options in different keys
than the one used for the the viewing options?

It would be also extremely useful to be able to specify the number of
copies and select page size from PDF document. These are the keys
/NumCopies and /PickTrayByPDFSize (described on page 365 from the PDF

The keys and their values would be:

    duplex          page portrait landscape (only a duplex key required)

    fixed           (no value is required)

    copies          number

    pdfsize         yes no

This way, the user has only to press the OK button in the printing
dialog or enter (and forget about selecting which kind of document
requires which options).

I’m asking this for my own needs (it is essential for us at work,
where none knows what ConTeXt might be).

But this implementation benefits any ConTeXt user.

Many thanks for your help,


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