[NTG-context] text wrapped around \textwidth sized images unwantedly.

d_jan d_jan at ymail.com
Mon Feb 1 23:08:20 CET 2016

I use ConTeXt for a document with many images. The text should float
around the images, if possible.

The floating itself works fine, but some images are equal or larger than
\textwidth (so they are maxwidth=\textwidth). Instead of breaking above
the image and starting below it again, the algorithm tries to float a
bit of text (about 2-4 characters each line) around the image using
space outside the text area (which naturally causes overfull \hbox-es).

Is there any way to prevent this?

If not, I define another float for these images and assign it to the
affected images, but I wonder if I can get around this.

Kind Regards,

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