[NTG-context] Hyphenation list ignored

Francisco Gracia fgragu023 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 10:28:14 CET 2016

It has taken me some time to conjecture that *mwe* would probably mean
*minimal working example* and somewhat more to try to concoct something
that could pass for it, but here it is, in the attached file
*mis-hyph.tex*. I hope not to have incurred in any gross mistake.

Attached are also three other files (*exhibit-n.pdf*) which show the
results of its compilation under three different circumstances. These
circumstances are described at the end of each typeset text. Mishyphenated
words are underlined.

Inept as it is, this example has proved to me that I was mistaken in my
initial supposition that the problem was related to the importing mechanism
of a separate file containing the exceptions' list. The difficulty seems
now to lie deeper into the hyphenation machinery itself.

I would be glad if it could be of any help to solve it.

Kind regards

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