[NTG-context] If figures are placed left, left-aligned captions are unwantedly centered

d_jan d_jan at ymail.com
Fri Jan 29 21:30:58 CET 2016

Hello fellow ConTeXt users,

I want to place figures left so that text wraps around them if they have
less width than \textwidth. The figure captions should be aligned left

What happens: The captions are all centered.

If I use default={here,nonumber} instead of default={left,nonumber}
in\setupfloat[figure][default=..., the captions are aligned left, just
like they should.

It does not matter if the text warps around the captioned image, the
centered is present for all figure-captions, regardless of their width.

Code demonstrating the behaviour:


   \setupcaption[figure][align=flushleft] %prefix: section-wis 3


   %here is some text...
   Lorem Ipsum....

   \placefigure{my figure caption}{\externalfigure[images/image1.jpg]}

   %here is some text
   Lorem Ipsum....
   \placefigure{my figure caption}{\externalfigure[images/image1.jpg]}

Is there any way to left-place figures and have the captions flushleft
aligned? (Ideally while keeping the content after starttext the same)

addition: I tried with an comes-with-Ubuntu-14.04 and a LiveTex2015
Version of ConTeXt, no difference in behavior.

Kind Regards,

PS.: Previously posted this on tex.stackexchange too
but without answers so far.

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