[NTG-context] Fieldstacks are broken

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Fri Jan 22 15:43:11 CET 2016

Dear Otared,

You are welcome. It is not my code.
As you know I am just an enduser of ConTeXt.
I also always thank to Hans, ConTeXt team and this list.
Here are always answers!

I mainly use ConTeXt to prepare documents, math papers, and class materials.
It is really good to use Metafun and Lua inside ConTeXt with ease. 
And the animation feature is really good to give better presentation to students.

As you said \dostepwiserecurse would be useful in many ways.

Please share your ideas too.

Best regards,


> Hi Jeong,
> I played with your code and indeed it is very nice to use this animation feature (I never succeeded to imbed a movie in a TeX file typeset with Context…).
> Thanks to Hans and Wolfgang, and you, I can now use such things in my presentations.
> Just to say something which may be useful, one can also use \dostepwiserecurse as in
> \startanimation[menu=yes]
> \dostepwiserecurse{0}{20}{2}{\expanded{\startframe \MyGraphics{\recurselevel} \stopframe}}
> \stopanimation
> Best regards: OK

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