[NTG-context] (mashriqi) Arabic-Hindi Numerals

Ibn Saeed ibnsaeed at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 16:08:43 CET 2016

Mohammad Hossein Bateni <bateni <at> gmail.com> writes:

> You do not need to uninstall TeXLive.  ConTeXt Standalone can work side by 
side and it's very simple to install.  You can pick to use the standalone for 
some of your compilations.
> \persiandecimals and \arabicdecimals are very similar.  The difference is 
(almost) only in digits for 0,4,5,6.  However, Ibn Saeed most probably needs 
\arabicdecimals to typeset "mashiriqi" numerals.
> The important thing is that neither one exists in TeXLive Context.  It was 
there in MkII but not in MkIV for some reason.  It was added to MkIV sometime 
in the fall.

Thank you Mohammad. Ill install the standalone version

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