[NTG-context] Automatic negative tracking to prevent slight overfull hbox's

Alexander Dyomin alexdyomin at yandex.ru
Thu Jan 14 00:07:33 CET 2016

Dear list,
when I stumble upon a slightly overhanging line (where it's not allowed to hyphenate the hanging word and putting it on next line leaves huge whitespaces), decreasing letterspacing in that line seems like a good idea, and I manually insert \kerncharacters commands to do the trick. Here's a MWE for the purpose of demonstration:

% ConTeXt code
\setupbackgrounds[text] [rightframe=on,framecolor=red,rulethickness=0.1pt] %right margin line

\setupalign[hz,hanging] % microtypography enabled

\definetypeface[mainface][rm][specserif][Linux Libertine O] [default]



{\kerncharacters[-0.018] Здесь будет длинный-предлинный текст, \mbox{в~коем}} никак нельзя перенести строку. 
Запрещено { \kerncharacters[-0.008] разрывать телефонные номера, например, \mbox{(000)1234-5678}}, многозначные числа и дефисные написания.

Is the a way for automating such negative tracking?


Best regards,
Alexander Dyomin

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