[NTG-context] about animation problem

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Mon Jan 4 16:05:42 CET 2016

Dear all,

First, Happy new year to all!

Here is the sample code in the wiki. 




{\placeanimationtext{The letter a}{\externalfigure[dummy]}}
{\placeanimationtext{The letter b}{\externalfigure[dummy]}}
{\placeanimationtext{The letter c}{\externalfigure[dummy]}}
{\placeanimationtext{The letter d}{\externalfigure[dummy]}}


There is no error message during the compilation, but no output except the menu symbol.
When I click the play or forward button, there is no action at all.
Is there something more I have to do?

Thank you.

Best regards,


* Here is the  version of ConTeXt in my Macbook.

This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.87.0 (TeX Live 2016/dev) 
 system commands enabled.

ConTeXt  ver: 2015.12.21 12:16 MKIV beta  fmt: 2015.12.21  int: english/english

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