[NTG-context] strange output in math display mode

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 16:16:33 CET 2015

> Hans Hagen <mailto:pragma at wxs.nl>
> 23. Dezember 2015 um 10:17
> On 12/23/2015 3:19 AM, Alan BRASLAU wrote:
>> So it it a TeX programming limitation.
>> The risk of leading to an exponential number of branches is addressed
>> by Knuth at the beginning of Chapter 17 of the TeXbook (p. 139):
>> "Mathematicians tend to \quote{overuse} \over when they first begin to
>> typeset their own work on a system like \TEX." ...
>> At one point, I went back to using \over rather than \frac as the later
>> was broken and gave no output. This has since been fixed, but I stayed
>> with \over as I find primary operators to be much more elegant syntax
>> than multiple argument macros. It is too bad that luatex does not
>> employ a better programming solution, as the use of \frac{}{} leads to
>> ugly mathematical source code.
> Well, it is not impossible in mkiv do make something 1\alansover2 that 
> adjusts itself to some settings (i could probably do it right now) but 
> who will use it (apart from you) and who would document it then ..
Would this method allow fractions in the second form below with ÷ 
instead of \over?


     1 = \frac{2}{3} + { 1 ÷ 3 }


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