[NTG-context] strange output in math display mode

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Mon Dec 21 14:01:14 CET 2015

Dear Hans,

After updating the minimal, I got a strange output of math display mode.
Would you please check it?

Here is an example.

Best regards,
Thank you.



Here is a strange output of math formula. It is displayed correctly in text line, but is displayed strangely in math display mode.
Here is a correct output  in text line.  $\int_0^t B(s)\ dB(s) = \frac{1}{2} B^2(t) - \frac{1}{2} t.$
But in the output of display mode, the location of the sub- super-script of the integral sign is not normal and the output of \type{ \frac{1}{2} B^2(t)} is wrong.

\int_0^t B(s)\ dB(s) = \frac{1}{2} B^2(t) - \frac{1}{2} t.

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