[NTG-context] Bug in table ?

Christian Prim christian.prim at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 17:30:52 CET 2015

Dear list

with the latest context I get wrong alignment in table.

MWE: (not so minimal, it's a snippet of my document)

\setuplayout[location=middle, marking=on,
             topspace=1.5cm, margin=1cm,
             headspace=0cm, header=0cm, headerdistance=0.0cm,
             footer=1cm, %bottomspace=1cm,
             width=fit, height=fit]

\NC Kräftegleichgewicht \NC\Use3[p(8cm)]{Ein Körper ist im 
Kräftegleichgewicht, wenn die resultierende Kraft $\vec{F}_{\rm res}$ 
Null ist.}\NC\AR
\NC Drehmoment \NC\Use2[lM]{M=Fr} \NC [M]=\unit{1 Newton meter}\NC\AR
\NC \NC F \NC Kraft ($\perp$\ zur DA) \NC [F]=\unit{1 Newton}\NC\AR
\NC \NC r \NC Kraftarm (Abstand DA – Wirkungslinie) \NC [r]=\unit{1 
\NC Momenten-\crlf gleichgewicht \NC\Use3[lM]{\sum M_{\rm 
rechtsdrehend}=\sum M_{\rm linksdrehend}}\NC\AR
\NC Gleichgewichtsarten \NC\Use3[p(8cm)]{stabil, labil, 
\NC Hebelgesetz \NC\Use3[lM]{F_1 r_1 = F_2 r_2}\NC\AR
\NC \NC r_i \NC Kraftarme \NC [r_i]=\unit{1 meter} \NC\AR

What I got before latest beta: old.pdf
What I get with new beta (only snippet): new.pdf

The misalignment is visible.

I know table is deprecated. But I couldn't get xtable to baseline align 
two different cells with display math in the same row.

 \startxcell[width=5cm] \m{\displaystyle \gamma=\frac{1}{\sqrt{1-\left 
(\frac{v}{c}\right )^2}}}\stopxcell
 \startxcell[width=4cm] Reaktionsprinzip\stopxcell

\gamma isn't aligned with the text "Reaktionsprinzip".

Please tell me what I have to change in table or what table-environment 
I have to use to get the desired output.


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