[NTG-context] horizontal spacing under special circumstances

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Tue Dec 8 16:22:13 CET 2015

Am 2015-12-08 um 17:50 schrieb Pablo Rodriguez <oinos at gmx.es>:

> On 12/08/2015 12:11 PM, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
>> [...]
>> Thank you for the suggestion, but I can’t see any change, even if I use
>> extreme values for \spaceskip (like 0.1 or 10.0), neither in footnotes
>> nor in my description (is the setups key even supposed to work in
>> \definedescription?).
> Hi Hraban,
> I don’t know whether this is right, but this works for me:
>    \startsetups[footnote:space]
>      \spaceskip .7\interwordspace
>        plus .5\interwordstretch minus \interwordshrink
>    \stopsetups
>    \definedescription[definition][before=\directsetup{footnote:space}]
>    \definedescription[definitiona]
>    \starttext
>    \definition{Hermann Zapf} \input zapf
>    \definitiona{Hermann Zapf} \input zapf
>    \stoptext

Thank you, this is really nice. Didn’t know \directsetup (i.e. I can’t handle these setups at all).

I also tried to get rid of the bigger space after stops:


  \spaceskip 0.7\interwordspace plus .5\interwordstretch minus \interwordshrink


Greetlings, Hraban
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