[NTG-context] Upgrade to 2015.11.19 breaks OTF reader?

Philipp Gesang phg at phi-gamma.net
Tue Dec 8 01:22:43 CET 2015

···<date: 2015-12-06, Sunday>···<from: Hans Hagen>···

> On 12/6/2015 10:14 PM, Philipp Gesang wrote:
> > ···<date: 2015-12-03, Thursday>···<from: Thangalin>···
> >
> >> The problem persisted with Courier New, not only Source Sans Pro (SSP).
> >>
> >> The font file for Source Sans Pro came directly from the Google's font service.
> >>
> >> The SSP (on my machine) works fine in Inkscape.
> >>
> >> The exact same font was also working before the ConTeXt upgrade.
> >
> > Confirmed, it appears to work if you revert to the old loader in
> > font-lib.mkvi.
> i need a better example of what fails then as it works here

The problem seems to be the “filename” field being written to the
cache from the wrong source. Between the old and the new
fontloader, you get the following picture in the “resources”

    +  ["filename"]="Everson_Mono_Bold.ttf",
    -  ["filename"]="/tmp/here-be-fonts/Everson_Mono_Bold.ttf",

The attached patch fixes it for me.


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