[NTG-context] Fill up "bottom" space of page with some content

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Hi Thangalin,

Thanks a lot for replying,

Sure, I attach 2 mwe’s. First one (fill_mwe.tex) shows a “lettrine” + paragraph cut in bottom of 1st page (not desirable).

To fix this problem I add \setpenalties\clubpenalties{5}{10000} to make sure the 6 first lines of paragraph are all together (5 lines for lettrine + 1 line to cover down the “lettrine”). This is shown in fill2_mwe.tex. There is another problem if the paragraph is too short (less than 5-6 lines) as the next paragraph will overlap with the figure, but that’s another story.

Now of course, in the bottom of the page 1 there is a large space and I would like to insert some decorative item. But my problem is that I do not know how to write some logic to insert this decorative stuff only if the title of Section 2 is moved to second page (if it is not, ie the section 1 is shorter, the section 2 title and beginning would follow in page 1). I was hoping there was a possibility to have some “filling” function that’s called if the page has still some space (I remember there is a setting called \setuplayout[line] that arranges to do this with the lines in the page.)

Hope this clarifies a bit,

Best regards


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Hi Joseph,

Mind posting a minimum working example to illustrate what you're
trying to accomplish?
If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the Wiki!

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