[NTG-context] Unnumbered subject in TOC, numbered exercises in text

Sytse Knypstra sytse.knypstra at home.nl
Mon Nov 30 13:06:59 CET 2015

Dear list,

In the following minimal example I would like to have:

- the headings of \special in the toc, unnumbered

- in the text, the numbers of the exercises preceded by the chapter number

The first goal is achieved when uncommenting the two options under 

the latter is achieved when uncommenting only the second option.
How can I realize both simultaneously ?

Thank you in advance,






%    number=no,

%    incrementnumber=yes,










     \chapter{First chapter}

         \section{First section}


                 This is my first exercise


     \chapter{Second chapter}

         \special{Remaining exercises}


                Second exercise




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