[NTG-context] External fonts handling

Jan U. Hasecke juh+ntg-context at mailbox.org
Wed Nov 25 13:38:25 CET 2015

In my previous message I wrote that I had the same problem.

I solved it by these steps:

in .bashrc:


cd $HOME/context

rsync -ptv rsync://contextgarden.net/minimals/setup/first-setup.sh .

./first-setup.sh --modules=all

Note: In contextgarden the last command reads:

sh ./first-setup.sh --modules=all

I guess that my font directory was never read by the install script
because I use bash not sh.

So make sure that your font directories are well exported whatever shell
you use. I am not an expert in this.

A second note:

Ubuntu installs new fonts into the directory


Maybe such a hint somewhere in the garden would help.


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