[NTG-context] Issue with initial (new beta)

josephcanedo at gmail.com josephcanedo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 22:38:33 CET 2015

Dear all,

First of all, thanks for new beta. It fixes the initial feature (in previous beta there were not typeset at all).

But while testing (a bit somewhat extreme example to push the limits) I came up with some initial letter hanging in the footer (page 3). Not sure the issue is linked with mixedcolumns but could not reproduce in plain vanilla environment. 

Also I noticed that if the paragraph is too short the initial overwrites the next paragraph(s) (to reproduce simply comment out the mixedcolumns).



  \dorecurse{10}{ \setupinitial[location=text, n=4] \placeinitial \input{ward} \setupinitial[location=text, n=6] \placeinitial \input{knuth} }


Admitedly this example has lots of lettrines. I added some \testcolumn to fix that, but now some columns are not balanced (page 3)


  \dorecurse{10}{ \setupinitial[location=text, n=4] \testcolumn[4] \placeinitial \input{ward} \setupinitial[location=text, n=6] \testcolumn[6] \placeinitial \input{knuth} }


I was wondering if there were any settings to try more “aggressive” balancing (in the example here it might be difficult). or an alternative way to let the initial not hang into the footer that might be more “balanced” friendly. 

Many thanks for any hint,

Best regards

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