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Thu Nov 12 19:14:27 CET 2015

> DesdeChaves <mailto:desdechaves at gmail.com>
> 11. November 2015 um 19:01
> Dear Sirs,
> I'm trying to make a exam for my students. After the question I should 
> provide a blank space for the answer. In the margin I want write the 
> partial scores for the answer. The problem  occurs when I force a new 
> page. In this case the text in the margin is flushed to the next page. 
> I don't want this behavior. How can I can  this?
Margin texts are flushed with the next paragraph but you can start one 
for the points only with the \dontleavehmode command.


> Another question: How can I anchor the scores in the middle of the 
> vertical blank space?  This  \vskip4cm\Info{scores}\vskip4cm don't 
> make the job.
You can use the \framed command to reserve the space for the answer and 
place with the score with a layer as background for the frame.







     \starthead{Question 1}
         \Info{9cm}{20 \periods[3] 15 \periods[3] 10}
     \starthead{Question 2}
         \Info{8cm}{20 \periods[3] 15 \periods[3] 10}
     \starthead{Question 3}
         \Info{6cm}{20 \periods[3] 15 \periods[3] 10}


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