[NTG-context] Hyphenation, OTF font and tagging

Christoph Reller christoph.reller at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 08:42:31 CET 2015


I have a strange behavior with the latest beta:
- OpenType Font "Myriad"
- Tagging enabled
Result: Hyphenation is not working, i.e., the hyphens disappear.

Example output correct (when disabling tagging):
[...] If I had not partici-
pated fully [...]

Example output defect (when enabling tagging):
[...] If I had not partici
pated fully [...]


\setuptagging[state=start] %<- correct when commenting this line
\input knuth
\input tufte
\input reich
\input linden
\input darwin

Any feedback is welcome. @Hans: I can provide the Myriad font if this helps.

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