[NTG-context] How to place background text on proper page

Sytse Knypstra sytse.knypstra at home.nl
Fri Nov 6 23:50:35 CET 2015

Dear list members,

In the following minimal example the last block (on the background) is 
placed on page 3 while there is ample room for it on page 2.
Only when the \page command in line 6 is uncommented, this block is 
placed on page 2.
Is there a better way to force placement on page 2 or should I always 
put a \page command at the bottom of the previous page?
My '\page solution' has the disadvantage that, when applied in the 
middle of a sentence, the last line on the page is usually not aligned.

\define\block{\input knuth \blank}

\block   % still on page 1

\block   % partially on page 2

\block   % only on page 2 if \page is uncommented


Thanks in advance,
Sytse Knypstra

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