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Dear all,

Digging a bit Inside lua code I could find a way to use internal structures (namely structures.marks.fetched, structures.lists.ordered.section and structures.lists.cached) to get the output I would like. I guess that’s not really recommended to use internal structures from lua code ? Happy to paste some initial crude implementation here if anyone is interested.


Best regards

Joseph Canedo

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Dear all,

I would like to display in page header the number of first and last subsection that starts on a given page (ie the title of those appear on that page regardless their content). For this I tried using 

\fetchmarking[subsectionnumber][][top] and \fetchmarking[subsectionnumber][][bottom]

but it does not give me the expected results if (it seems) the page does not start immediately with a new subsection (ie there is text of subsection starting from previous page). In the example below in page 2 I’d like to have 1.4 - 1.6, but top marking equals to 1.3 in this case. In the other pages top marking contains expected number (well the number I’d like to print).

I guess there is some logic to use using previous, top and first markings but I fail to understand what it could be.

Many thanks

Best regards

Joseph Canedo
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