[NTG-context] \setfirstline for headings/titles ?

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Hello all,

Perhaps a more meaningful example, actually I explicitly break lines Inside title text.



\startsubject[title={First title line\\ \tf eventual second line}] % second line same size as normal text Howto ?

Some text here



I tried with \tf but it does not change the size of text in the title after it. (In LaTeX I used \normalsize)

Is there any solution that would allow to type:

\startsubject[title={First title line\\ eventual second line}] 

and output second line in smaller text than the first one (without adding any font modifier in the title if possible) ?

Many thanks for any help

Best regards


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Dear all,

Still playing with \setfirstline, I was wondering how to apply it for headings as well ? Naive sample below does not work for the subject title, most probably because headings/titles have different processing than normal paragraphs.




\startcolumnset [TwoColumns]

\startsubject[title={\setfirstline[bbigline] A very very very long title for subject we know will not fit in single line of output}] % first line with different style as in the text below ?

\setfirstline[bbigline] Some paragraph content here. First line should be printed bigger than rest of lines.




Thanks a lot,

Best regards

Joseph Canedo
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