[NTG-context] What is the prefered way to load a system font ?

Goulven Guillard lecotegougdelaforce at free.Fr
Sun Oct 25 12:59:05 CET 2015

Hi again,

I'm puzzled about the prefered way to load a system font, and I read the 
wiki is outdated.

Is \setmainfont deprecated for \definefontfamily + \setupbodyfont ?  Or 
are they different things ?

Also, how am I supposed to find the right family name to feed both with 
?  I read somewhere that the output of mtxrun (which column ?) should be 
used and not fc-list output, then I read the opposite, and I read that 
the --info option of mtxrun should provide the same family name as 
listed with most GUI software, yet I tried and it doesn't…




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