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Tue Oct 27 10:09:00 CET 2015

Dear all,

I try to typeset some text with dropcaps which are pdf files in a 2 column text. I came up with 3 possibilities as shown in the sample below (attached D1.pdf). So far best solution seems to use the lettrine module, but I wondered if it would be possible to cope with the issue with figure and text overlapping if the first paragraph is very short (ie avoid using \\) ? Had a look to lettrine module source and wondered where I could find some documentation on the low level ConTeXt commands used in there ? For example to amend the code to avoid Lines= and use the actual figure size.

Sample follows:




\startcolumnset [TwoColumns]

\placefigure[left,none]{}{\externalfigure[D1.pdf]} % how to have left side figure with text wrapping around it ?
This is a first paragraph.

\input tufte

This is a first paragraph.\\ % how to have \par here ?
\input tufte

\lettrine[Image=yes, Lines=4, Nindent=0pt, Findent=0.5em]{D1.pdf} % avoid Lines and use actual figure size ?
This is a first paragraph.\\ % how to have \par here ?
\input tufte





Joseph Canedo
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