[NTG-context] Obtaining features from EBGaramond font in ConTeXt

Rik rik at panix.com
Fri Oct 23 23:33:59 CEST 2015

On 2015-10-23 16:47, josephcanedo at gmail.com wrote:
> At the moment, I use “\,” between word and question marks. Also “~” 
> between word and “:”. I guess the \definecharacterspacing is more 
> flexible and transparent from text input point of view (only write 
> normal space). IIRC both \, and ~ also avoids line breaking at their 
> location. Is there a way to specify this too please ?
The characterspacing commands can take care of it. The following example 
demonstrates this (I used the value 2 just to make it clear what is 
happening). It appears that alternative=1 inhibits breaks, while 
alternative=0 (or leaving alternative= out completely) allows breaks. I 
have not seen documentation; what I know about it comes from tests like 
the example below.

    \setupcharacterspacing[test]["003A][left=2,alternative=1] % :
    \setupcharacterspacing[test]["003B][left=2,alternative=0] % ;
    \setupcharacterspacing[test]["00BF][right=2,alternative=0] % ¿
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :\par
    ¿ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;\par
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :\par
    ¿ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;\par

(Many ConTeXt commands have a \defineABC[somename] and a 
\setupABC[somename][options=…]. This can often, as is the case with 
characterspacing, be shortened into one command, 
\defineABC[somename][options=…], but I think not always.)


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