[NTG-context] \bTABLEheader used to work?

Henman dhenman at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 09:06:38 CEST 2015

I tried to build on a previously compilable table generating context 
file, but can not do so now.   Here is  a simple example:

I am getting a " ! Undefined control sequence
                       Line #.20   which is ==>    \bTABLEheader

Do I have hidden bug in my script or did this change?
I'd appreciate hellp of this.


% start here


        \bTR  \bTD \eTD        \dorecurse{\COLCNT}  { \bTH #1 \eTH } \eTR
          %  col label cells    % ... data cells ...........

           \bTD #1 \eTD   % row label cells
           \dorecurse{\COLCNT}  { \bTD  \eTD }   % data rows  (use 
#1:##1  for r# : c#)

% end of example

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