[NTG-context] Ampersand followed by semicolon in XML: possible bug?

massifr at fastwebnet.it massifr at fastwebnet.it
Tue Sep 29 17:58:56 CEST 2015

Hello list,
I've found what it looks like a bug in XML handling in ConTeXt. Try this:

  <!-- with following semicolon: ampersand and semicolon are eaten -->
  <p>Me & my friends; you & your friends.</p>
  <!-- without following semicolon: everything ok -->
  <p>Me & my friends. You & your friends.</p>
  <!-- way around: place a comment after the ampersand -->
  <p>Me &<!-- --> my friends; you & your friends.</p>

\startxmlsetups xml:somesetups


\startxmlsetups xml:text

\startxmlsetups xml:p


In the first case, the ampersand and the following semicolon are eaten up.
I've found a way around, until the bug is fixed (if it's a bug and not my
limited knowledge of ConTeXt): put a XML comment after the ampersand,
and everything works as expected.

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