[NTG-context] \doifnotmodeelse - undefined control sequence error?

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Tue Sep 15 11:31:09 CEST 2015

Hello ConTeXist.

I do not know if I'm not mistake somewhere, but it seems to me that the 
macro \doifnotmodeelse does not work. Can anyone verify this?

Jaroslav Hajtmar

Here is a simple example:

% \disablemode[mymode]


mode 'mymode' is enabled!

mode 'mymode' is disbled!

\doifmodeelse{mymode}{mode 'mymode' is enabled!}{mode 'mymode' is disbled!}

% Undefined control sequence error ???
% \doifnotmodeelse{mymode}{mode 'mymode' is disbled!}{mode 'mymode' is 


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