[NTG-context] Custom XML Export

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sat Sep 12 14:28:42 CEST 2015

Am 2015-09-12 um 18:14 schrieb luigi scarso <luigi.scarso at gmail.com>:

>> Do you know a good XSLT processor except Saxon? Its free version is just too limited.
> xsltproc for xslt 1.0, but you are looking for xslt 2.0 , right ?

More like 3.0, I guess ;)
No, the only extension from commercial Saxon that I would need are global variables.

I didn’t yet dive into xsltproc’s (libxml2’s) documentation to see what might be possible.

E.g. if I don’t markup all my paragraphs (because it clutters the source too much and is tedious), I get <break />s between the original paragraphs. I could convert these to HTML <p>s like:

<xsl:variable name="within-paragraph">0</xsl:variable >

<xsl:template match="break">
<xsl:if test="within-paragraph = 0">
<xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"><![CDATA[</p><p>]]></xsl:text>
<xsl:if test="within-paragraph > 0">
<br />

<xsl:template match="paragraph">
<xsl:variable name="within-paragraph">1</xsl:variable >
<xsl:variable name="within-paragraph">0</xsl:variable >

Maybe there’s another solution, but I’m not comfortable enough in XSL to see it.

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