[NTG-context] Include 'urldate' in *.bst (Url citations with last checked date)

Jens Bertram context at jens-bertram.net
Fri Sep 11 10:29:19 CEST 2015


for a document I'm currently writing I need to cite some online 
resources including their last accessed date. Adding
\insertbiburl[..] to a citation style does work fine to get the urls 
However, the *.bst styles only check for 'lastchecked' tag for a last 
accessed date. I don't know if there's any standard way for specifying 
the date but 'lastchecked' and 'urldate' seem to be two commonly used 
variants (as far as a quick web search tells - I'm on Zotero which also 
uses the last mentioned type).

To get this temporary working for me I replaced the plain 'lastcheck' 
output in *.bst with:
  lastchecked empty$
    {"" "\lastchecked" urldate do.out}
    {"" "\lastchecked" lastchecked do.out} if$
and added urldate to the list of known tags.

Are there any chances to get this changed in the 'official' version (if 
there are no other points against this I don't see right now :))?

Best regards,

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